Welcome to Studebaker Motor Company Inc.

Today is October 15th, 2020.  

Time has really gone by fast. It seems like just a few short years ago that I got involved with this project. In reality, it's been fifteen years since I met Tom Raines and became his partner, later to buy him out and have owned 100% since mid-2008. The big question people seem to ask, "Is this thing going to happen?" My answer... "YES!!  I haven't given up."  Please know, "I'm not planning to sell anytime soon."  Also, please know, the plan is beginning to murph into something a bit different than what I originally thought. Today, I'm giving thought to buying a few older Studebakers aned then rebuild them. Retro-fit into something more 21st Century.  ...well, those are my thoughts.  

Please NOTE: Welcome to the website for the new Studebaker Motor Company. We are a new company, with a new logo. Please be advised: We are not associated with the old Studebaker Motor Company (1852-1966). Please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/studebaker to learn more about what happened to the original company.

In 2002, Tom Raines, (from Texas), thought it was a good idea to resurect the name, so he incorporated, started a webpage, made a few calls, and got the interest going. I met Tom Raines in 2005 while visiting a friend in Texas. In 2006, my then five-year old daughter, asked me what I was going to do to help save the planet. That struck me, first because she's only five. Second, because I too, had been thinking about this subject. Kaitlin went on to tell me that she'd recently watched a tv show depicting how people would soon need to wear gas masks because the air polution would be so bad. So, I did what any person would do, I picked up the phone and began a dialog with Tom Raines. Not long afterwards, I became Tom's partner, then purchased the remaining stock in 2008, then moved the company to Colorado a few year later, and reincorporated.

Over the years I've traveled, and met with industry-ralated people, and even visited South Bend. Many people have contacted us to inquire if we are accepting donations, or selling stock. My answer is this... please contact me to discuss your interest. ...and yes, I am interested in partnering with someone, preferrably someone with resources.

Here's who I am.

I'm a guy who has always liked Studebaker vehicles. As a young man, in the 50's and 60's, I saw lot's of Studebakers on the road. Then one day, not so many cars on the road. Now, I rarely see any Studebaker's on the road. So... hopefully, one day in the near future, I'll be able to manufacture Studebaker vehicles that are in some way reminiscent of classic Studebakers, yet brought into the 21st Century. If possible, reopen factories that have recentily been closed (Ford, Chrysler, GM), and employ Americans in those manufacturing and assembly plants, which shall be on American soil. I desire to make vehicles that not only compete, but have a significant cutting edge in a highly competitive world market.

Click on "Overview" then scroll down to read what is planned. Please be advised, the SUV shown on this website does have a certain appeal, however, may or may not be representative of future Studebaker concept vehicles. That said, with slight modifications, it is a possibility.

Thank you,

Ric W. Reed


STUDEBAKER MOTOR COMPANY, "A Time Honored Name, A New Company for the Future

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Last Updated 11/11/2020