Welcome to Studebaker Motor Company Inc.

Today is January 29th, 2021.    

Welcome to the website for the new Studebaker Motor Company. We are not the old company that manufactured the horse drawn carriages and later, the vehicles that you may be familiar with (1852 till 1966). We are a new company, with a new logo. Please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/studebaker to learn more about what happened to the original company. 

I became partner with the previous owner in the 2006 - 2007 time frame, however, in the summer of 2008 I purchased all the shares of Studebaker Motor Company. Over the years I've traveled, met with all sorts of "car guys", attended many industry-ralated events, visited South Bend, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; Atlanta, Georgia; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California, and more. Hundreds of people have contacted me as to inquire if Studebaker Motor Company is accepting donations, selling common stock, and/or planning to have an IPO. My answer continues to be... please contact me to discuss your interest or concerns. ...and yes, at this time, I am interested in taking on a financially secure and experienced car-guy partner, as to raise the funds to make a prototype, pay administrative costs, and enhance the chances of success. 

Concept Designs Accepted.

Although we've looked at several designs already, no decisions have been made pertaining to whether or not to enter the market with a gas combustion, series hybrid or electric vehicle. We're at the drawing boards again. Since a definitive concept design has not been identified, we are willing to look at additional concept designs. Please submit your confidential correspondense to ricwreed@msn.com.   Attention:  Ric W. Reed 

For more details, Click on "Overview" then scroll down. Please be advised, the SUV shown on this website does have a certain appeal, however, may or may not be representative of actual future Studebaker concept vehicles. That said, with slight modifications, it is a possibility.

Thank you,

Ric W. Reed

President & CEO

Studebaker Motor Company


STUDEBAKER MOTOR COMPANY, "A Time Honored Name, A New Company for the Future

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Last Updated 05/14/2021