Building a passenger vehicle business is a huge project which takes vision, planning, time, focus, money and luck. That said, we are developing relationships and forming alliances to partner in prospective platform projects. Platforming saves time, energy and money. Originally I had planned to first re-enter the market with a 'scooter' followed by a concept passenger vehicle or pickup truck. Eight years ago, after meetings with 'car guys' I made a business decision to focus resources on passenger cars and pickup trucks, rather than scooters. That said, it's been a few years and I've not been able to locate funding.  However, I have not given up.

Ideally, because of niche market demands, I'd like to enter the market with a vehicle that is reminiscent of a historical Studebaker design. For the integrity of the project, details of this project are kept secret until this design concept unfolds.


Thank you,

Ric W. Reed

                                   STUDEBAKER MOTOR COMPANY, "A Time Honored Name, A New Company for the Future 

Last Updated 05/15/2019